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Wage and Hour Claims


Wage and Hour Claims
Unpaid Meal / Break Time

Unpaid or missed meal times and break times are a rampant phenomenon in the workplace. Employers get away without paying hourly workers for their meals and break times because they can get away with it. Speak up if your labor has been exploited through unpaid or missed meal times. Contact an experienced employment lawyer at our firm to schedule a consultation.

Rest Periods at One-Employee Places of Employment

What if you are the only employee at a one-person operation (such as a convenience store, gift shop or gas station) and the business cannot continue operation without you for 15 minutes? In this case, you may need to put up a sign that says, "Back in 15 minutes " to ensure that you are able to take your allotted meal time and break time.

Claim Back Pay

If you have been denied meal times and breaks over weeks, months or years, your accumulated unpaid wages could amount to a significant dollar sum.


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