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Wrongful Termination


Wrongful Termination

Employees are wrongfully terminated from the workplace, at an alarming rate in the state of California. The state of California has laws to protect employees from management and employers who wrongfully terminate employees. A loss of one's job can be a devastating and overwhelming tragedy in one's life.

Mr. Oren has settled and litigated many employment cases involving sexual harassment, disability discrimination, age discrimination and pregnancy (gender) discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower cases and more.

Examples of the types of cases Mr. Oren has handled in the employment area are:

  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. Hostile work environment
  3. Violation of public policy
  4. Gender discrimination
  5. Retaliation
  6. Age discrimination
  7. Disability discrimination
  8. Pregnancy Discrimination
  9. Family Leave Discrimination (FMLA/CFRA)
  10. Sex Discrimination
  11. Whistle blower violations

At the Law Offices of Eric P. Oren, Inc., we are dedicated to representing our clients in these most serious cases. Mr. Oren has over 25 years of experience in litigating cases, including cases involving employees in serious employment matters and obtained favorable verdicts and settlements in those cases.

The law protects workers from many types of workplace discrimination including sexual harassment. A worker may have legal rights against his or her employer for illegal conduct. No employee should have to be fired or endure harassing or discriminatory conduct by their employer. If you are being subjected to conduct by your employer that you suspect is discriminatory, sexually harassing or in other ways illegal, or if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated; contact our office now. You can fill out our questionnaire on-line and submit it to our office now. We will promptly review your situation and contact you regarding your case.

Wrongful Termination

Firing an employee may or may not be legal. Letting a worker go may constitute wrongdoing in certain circumstances. However, an experienced employment lawyer will recognize a viable wrongful termination case when he or she hears the facts of the matter.

Contact the Law Offices of Eric P. Oren if you suspect discrimination because:

  • You used your lawful rights as a whistle blower to report workplace safety violations.
  • You reported other illegal activity (such as wage and hour violations or sex harassment) at your place of employment.
  • You exercised the "Qui tam" provisions of federal law, allowing you as a private individual, or whistleblower with knowledge of fraud committed against the U.S. federal government to bring suit on its behalf.
  • You were apparently singled out from among other employees for firing on the basis of your race, religion, sex, age or national origin.
  • You refused to engage in requested sexual activity – in other words, you were a target of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

You may also have been the target of defamation in connection with your job loss. An empathetic, skillful and aggressive wrongful termination lawyer on your side can be a valuable ally and a force for the cause of justice.

Do not roll over and accept a wrongful or retaliatory discharge as inevitable. Stand up for your rights.


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